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chef's counter tasting menu

The Chef's Counter Tasting Menu is a five-course dinner of  unique, off-menu items that Chef Alisha Elenz and team create solely for you. While seated at the chef's counter, you get to be part of the kitchen action. It could get weird in there!


Every dinner is different,

so you can experience it again and again. 


Dinner is $75 per person, with seating available for up to four people, and includes complimentary drink pairings that also change depending upon the menu.


It's a load of fun and probably the best deal in town.




4 course dinner $60

Think of the Tour of Biscay Menu as our Greatest Hits package. For a night when you're with friends and no one can stop talking long enough to look at the menu and make hard decisions, just say "We'll take the Tour!".


These menu items are our tried-and-true, everybody-loves-them dishes, the no-brainers. The Tour is offered every Wednesday and it's $60 for four full courses and feeds two people.  If you really want to make it a no-brainer, just ask your server to pair some cocktails and wine with your meal and you won't have to think about it at all! This is an excellent option for when you are catching up with old friends.

thirsty thursdays

Every Thursday, join us for Cocktail Club.

Starting at 3pm until close, we offer three classic cocktails from the history books, along with all the nerd knowledge you may or may not desire, for $7 each.


It's almost the weekend, right?!