a little Basque, a little french, a little spanish.

don't let our menu confuse you.

it's all delicious, we promise.

Please enjoy our guide.


Boquerones. Preserved white anchovies. Trill the ‘r’ to sound legit.


Conservas. Sea snacks. Often tinned, always tasty. Our housemade boquerrrones are conservas.


Espelette. Rock star among peppers, the backbone of many dishes. Smoky-sweet like every Otis Redding song. || See also: piperade.


Kalimotxo. Red wine and cola. Cool kids in Spain drink it. (Actually, everyone in Spain drinks it.)


Marmitako. A rustic tuna and potato stew traditionally made and eaten by tuna fisherman at sea. No relation to Marmite.


Meishan pig. The Wagyu of pork, with fat that marbles like beef. Repeat: pork fat that marbles like beef.


Patxaran. Liqueur made from macerated sloe berries. Pinch hitter for rouge vermouth in cocktails.

Pintxos. One-bite (sometimes two-bite) wonders, often on sticks or skewers.

Piperade. Flavor bomb of sauteed bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and espelette pepper. Nonnegotiable in Basque cooking, like mirepoix in France or sofrito in Latin America and the Mediterranean.


Porrón. Wine bong. When used properly, it will boost your Instagram following by a third. || Pass the porrón on the left hand side.


Salbitxada. A variation of romesco made with almonds, tomatoes and peppers. Acceptable eaten with bread, a spoon or your fingers.


#severehappiness. A higher state of well-being achieved through the pursuit of $5 cocktails and snacks, 5 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.


we can't believe we have to say this but:

no outside food or beverages allowed.

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